30 April 2011

April Memories

Happy Willow. Happy Dinosaurs.


Unhappy Dinosaurs.


Tai Chi.


Livin' the dream :)

Tomboys and tutus.
Seriously. These single socks emerged from one load
of laundry ... where are their mates?
I am so thrilled that Trader Joe's is only
30 minutes away (compared with 2.5 hours
when living at our former location).

Lovely. Exquisite. Precious.

31 March 2011

Our Saplings: March

Blogspot changed their programming for new posts; for example, you'll see that several photographs uploaded in landscape form (instead of portrait form). Turn your computer sideways? During the dead of winter I purchased these "river stones" on eBay. I had seen them on another blog and the author spoke volumes about how great they were (I didn't understand at that time what the big deal could be). Wrong. Excellent toy that yielded hours of jumping (read = tired toddlers) ,and necessitated intricate balance. Who knew! These were developed in Denmark (another country with l-o-n-g winters, like Minnesota). There's another set that has higher stones (called hilltops)--maybe next winter.

Tupelo found the winter air stimulating :)

26 March 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

Can I have strawberry cupcakes please! 

Happy birthday our precious daughter. Oh, could you please stop growing up? Your Mom can't stand it.

28 February 2011

February Images: Year of the Rabbit

Pictures from a Chinese New Year's carnival for families with children from China (and Asia). If you look at Willow's hat, you might guess correctly that it is the Year of the Rabbit (officialy began on 3 February). Farther below are images from ribbon dancing (taught by a front-runner for Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother movie). Lastly, is my fur daughter Chloe, a labradoyte (Chocolate lab x coyote).

28 January 2011

Happy Birthday Tupelo

The most exciting part of Tupie's 2-year-old birthday bash was watching the lemon cupcakes in the oven and licking the whipped cream off the beaters:

She wouldn't dare go out for a diaper run to Target underdressed; thusly, no outfit is complete without a scarf:
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25 January 2011

Cabin Fever (literally and figuratively)

Our past month: strep throat, the croup, stomach flu x 2, random 3-week coughing virus, and topping it off: a febrile seizure complete with a trip by ambulance to Children's Hospital. We are all well now, and happy, so Mom is ready to catch up with the blog with a couple of posts with pictures from January and February. Don't forget to check for other new posts (see "older posts").

Did you know that shampoo decimates the bubbles (in bubble bath)? Neither did I (until I got a hot tip in the bubble-bath aisle). Shampoo first, then fill tub and add bubble mix.

To enhance "attachment", and comfort Tupelo when she is out-of-sorts (still often, but not as frequently), I was encouraged to wear her (in the Ergo carrier) as much as I could. I took the pictures below when she was being worn on my back; she loves my scarves (and here she is playing peek-a-boo):

A playdough afternoon can be spiced up if you add Martha Stewart glitter ....

Cabin fever:

What to do with two toddlers when it is hovering below zero degrees for a month: go for two or three sled runs on the hill in the village green, then head for hot chocolate at the local coffee shop: