31 March 2011

Our Saplings: March

Blogspot changed their programming for new posts; for example, you'll see that several photographs uploaded in landscape form (instead of portrait form). Turn your computer sideways? During the dead of winter I purchased these "river stones" on eBay. I had seen them on another blog and the author spoke volumes about how great they were (I didn't understand at that time what the big deal could be). Wrong. Excellent toy that yielded hours of jumping (read = tired toddlers) ,and necessitated intricate balance. Who knew! These were developed in Denmark (another country with l-o-n-g winters, like Minnesota). There's another set that has higher stones (called hilltops)--maybe next winter.

Tupelo found the winter air stimulating :)


The Drinkwaters said...

Looks like you have some budding artists!

Serving the King said...

Such cuteness going on over here! Love it!

Barbara said...

Your girls are beautiful! Love the pictures. We have the same bib your little one is wearing.
Fun to connect with you!