30 August 2010

Doing Better

The poor thing cried for hours … she’d be okay for a little while, then begin all over again. They are both sleeping now. Tupie did eat some for us—can you believe she’s never had a bottle (only a spoon). OMGoodness. We got her some congee with broth, greens, and meat—she seemed to like it a lot (until now, she’s only eaten formula and cereal—mixed together).

She’s got good eye contact, and follows us as we move around the room. She also holds on, when you carry her. She is also holding on to the teddy I made her. Willow is doing great (some reversion, of course). BUT, she wants to hold her and take care of her.

Most of the pictures posted earlier are from Hong Kong, then Guilin. The mountain bumps are Guilin, and appear on China’s $20 RMB bill. Stunning 5-hour ride down the LiJiang River (which was an experience in itself). I also included one of where we are now (the two cribs awaiting their cherubic demure vixens).

Here are some “before and after” pictures from today, including our first glimpse at the doorway. By the way, the staff were really nice and THANKFUL—very gracious and genuine I felt.

She really is adorable. Once I gave her a bath, and put her in cozy pajamas, it made the world of difference. Will take her to the doctor if her fever/bronchial junk aren’t getting better. She’s quite lovely and “aware”.
Meryl & family (11 pm … gotta get to bed!)

Meet Tupelo Wren Ming Huan

Sightseeing Pics Guilin

Here are some pics Meryl sent me to post up.  Unfortunately no pics of the new little one yet. Apparently she is sick with a cold/fever and they are dealing with that right now, but hope to have some new pics soon!

24 August 2010

Mooncakes and Martinis

I'll get to the Mooncakes and Martinis in a minute. But let me start by telling you this is the first day we aren't all incapacitated by jetlag. We have managed to haul ourselves out of the hotel each day, of course, for minimal sightseeing and poking around the back alleys. We have topped off each evening by swimming in the rooftop (30th floor) pool which overlooks all of Hong Kong.

I (Meryl) had averaged between 2.5 to 3.5 hours of sleep for the first 3 nights (no one else had much more, either). But, today we did travel to see the worlds largest (seated outdoor) Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha, completed in 1993). Travel to TTB included a 5 km aerial cable car ride (and we chose a glass-bottom version to further torture Aunt Dory, who has aerophobia!) In addition to the main attraction, there were also some water buffalo grazing grass in between the tourist shops and holy sites. A young girl about 10 years old went a little too close and the buffalo gently moved her out of the way by picking her up with its horns and dropping her on the ground (the parents didn't notice until I brought it to their attention). She wasn't hurt, but it was like watching a rodeo. There were also some fascinating dogs milling about: half old-world village mutt x jindo.

We stopped at the Starbucks (not far from TTB) whereupon they were selling mooncakes (stuffed with espresso and machhiato paste). It was my first mooncake AND it was delicious (somehow these sounded more appealing than the bean-paste variety).

Poor Aunt Dory--left exhausted by her fear of heights, a subway ride through Hong Kong during the rush hour commute, and throngs of people staring at her freckled creamy skin and glistening auburn hair--spent the train ride home talking about a much-desired Martini at the Karaoke lounge in our hotel (she never got it, and has promptly fallen asleep as I write this blog).

Hoping I'll have the energy and motivation to download (and post) our pictures tomorrow.

Good night. We love you all and one.

22 August 2010

We Are Here !

We arrived last evening, but were too exhausted to blog. We were not recovered by morning, but all are feeling a little better tonight (11 pm local time; 10 am Minnesota time).

But, we know that all of you are most interested in what happens on the 30th (29th in United States) anyway, when we meet Tupelo Wren Ming Huan.

All for now ... trying to wind down. We love all of you (but don't miss you too much yet--it is too fascinating here)!

Peace and Blessings,
Meryl, Chris, Willow, and Aunt Dory (a.k.a Koi Goddess)