30 September 2009

Late Summer

An August afternoon was spent at a nearby petting zoo with our friends Elizabeth (mom), Elanor, and Nadine (and some curious white-tailed deer). What a becoming nose!

Our three kids exploring at river's edge.

Not too much time yet for making things for Willow. I was able to squeeze in some fabric painting onto one of W's shirts: I used her "chops" (from China, carved with her name in Chinese symbols). Love, Mom (one teeny heart next to the symbol for my name).

This many necklaces became a hazard in short order, so they are temporarily put away in the closet.

Goodbye summer.

24 September 2009

County Fair, Butts, and Beauty

County Fair farm animals make us happy

Signing "cow" (sign language). Can you believe how precious W is?

Pure, wholesome delight (for Mom; W isn't too sure).

You'all work with some of these, don't you?

Down the road (great Ginseng habitat, too).

Learning how to dress "monkey." (Am trying to post more pictures, and less text, for the time being. Easier right now).

08 September 2009

Willow and Chloe Hangin' At The River

I took Willow to pick strawberries--she had an orgy, taking one bite out of each one and throwing it on the ground, only to grab another. This is what her shirt looked like when we got home.