30 June 2010

June: Friends And A Sassy Little Fillie

Enjoying a Sunday morning by having breakfast at the little Marina in our town; the cafe virtually sits on the water:

Chloe (left), W (center), and Gus (right) peering forward as we explore the backwaters of the River on a friend's pontoon boat. We love you Uncle Toddy-Tod and Aunt DDD:

Aunt Dory enjoying a quiet moment with W and Gus:

At our little Town's Fireman's Ball; sort of like a block party (with a great R&B band and games for the kids):

Aunt Dory teaching W how to make blueberry pie. Dory won second place in a recent pie contest, with this recipe. However, at the contest, she forgot to line the pie with bananas--which constitute one of the three ingredients! Ha ha ha ha ha:

Willow and her friend spend some time at the Park's visitor center, then visit a rehabilitated trail through an absolutely lovely patch of river-bottom forest with some very interesting plants (farther below):

In the backyard ....

Another visit with Early Moon--what an beautiful and sassy little fillie she is (her dad is a Mustang!):