20 August 2009

July 2009

At a July 4th Celebration ... Willow got to play with Walter "Fritz" Mondale's granddaughter. To our good fortune, Charlotte and Willow hit it off, as they were the only kids at the party. Turns out they both have the same birthday (literally the exact same age).

Former vice president Mondale lives just up the River (and he is specifically responsible for our Country's Wild and Scenic Rivers Act). He and his family were at our neighbor's brunch (all were getting ready to participate in our town's parade).

Willow and our friend Tod, also watching the parade

The last month has brought forth an explosion of "talking"; Willow-bean has been gearing up for several weeks, for sure (warming up her tongue with delightful sounds like "mama" and "dada"). Now a light has gone on in that darling head. Much of it is still baby-babble, but she is also repeating words when we ask her, and making all the fun farm-animal sounds.

I should also mention that she's been learning words at pre-preschool: "no" + "no way." For example, "Willow, do you want to go inside"? No way. "Willow, lets put on our pajamas"? No way. Of course, her response makes me clue in to the fact that I am not asking the question in the correct format for conversing with a toddler. Here are some photos over the past couple of months....

NPS friends from Omaha camped at a nearby campground: Willow was invited to make her first campfire smores.

Willow (far left ... the gorgeous one with knobby knees) and other members of our local adoption group "Minnesota Red Thread". All gathered to attend the Dragon Boat Festival in the Twin Cities.

Hanging out along the banks of the St. Croix.

On a neighbor's porch, verlooking the St. Croix (just after this photo, two young Bald Eagles landed in a tree about 20 feet from us and were quite boisterous).