16 January 2010

Happy Family Day (First Anniversary of Willowing) !

Our family, home for one whole year! We had a party at our local restaurant, the Brookside (under which runs a lovely brook which spills into a waterfall). Other celebrations included riding in a wagon for groceries, dancing with scrunchies in our hair, and eating dinner by candlelight.

02 January 2010

Dog Love, Dog Happiness, Dog Comfort

After a walk ... the pillows and couch cover obviously were not comfortable enough and needed rearranging. Then, the cold outside necessitated getting as close to the wood stove as possible (and yes, it is hot in the picture). Augustus Wiggles "Gus" (left) is Queensland Heeler x Black Lab; Chloe is Chocolate Lab x Coyote. She is primitive, exotic, and gorgeous. Gus is sweet--epitomizing a loving, cuddly D, O, G.