31 October 2010

More October Memories

Take note of Chloe (below), to the right of Tupelo.

26 October 2010

Ayi Carol Heads East

Our friend from Yosemite came to visit and take in some fall foliage. Of course, no trip would be complete with a trip to see the Mary Tyler Moore statue and The Guthrie Theatre in the cities.

Bounce 'Til You're Happy

23 October 2010

What Might It Be Like For Tupelo?

Just imagine one day waking up and your family dresses you to leave your home. You think you are just going out, maybe to the store; maybe you have never left your home before. But when you leave your home--the only home you have ever known--you do not know this is goodbye ... forever. Within a few hours you are dropped off with complete strangers amidst a cacophony of crying. Reality begins to set in when you drive off with all of these strangers. But nothing like the reality that occurs at bedtime. Fear takes over and panic sets in.

(concept borrowed from literature explaining what it is like for the adopted child)

03 October 2010

Tupelo's First Months and Year

We received a CD of pictures, of Tupelo and some of the other children, from the orphanage staff. The first is when she was only 1.5 months of age. All are irreplaceable, with meaning beyond what we can comprehend now, as they will provide her with a glimpse of the first 18 months of her life in China.
It left us with a lot of questions, too. Who is the girl she is sharing a crib with? Was that just for play (or sleep too)? Did they teach these teensy things how to dance together?
How did she fall and bruise her face?
Despite this all, she had moments of happiness: