31 May 2010

Mid-May: Etheral Forest

I've posted pictures from this patch of forest before--the soils are sweet, thus the plants are very similar to many spots (of rarities) in the southern Appalachians.

Showing Miss W a fiddlehead (fern):

Looking for birds on our street (we wonder if she can actually spot anything with her binoculars?):

15 May 2010

Dreaded Trip, Though Grateful

Well it was time to make the pilgrimage to the Puget Sound to clean out our cottage, where my Mom was living when she earned her angel wings. W and her Dad came along for much-needed support (work and otherwise).

Willow and Pink-Teddy luxuriating in the hotel (spent the night at the airport before an early-morning flight):

On the car-ferry, crossing Saratoga Passage:

Our little beauty with Saratoga Passage in the background:

Waiting for Mommy (who has escaped into the fabric store):

And, of course, going through my Mom's belongings turned up some very interesting items, including the quintissential Jackie O glasses:

Two weeks at the cottage was enough to warrant refilling the bird feeders. Our new tenant will continue to spoil our feathered guests:

While Mom is at the cottage on a making sense of her Mom's 83 year journey, Willow and Daddy experience one of the local coffee shops (yum, hot chocolate):

The cottage, now almost empty, awaiting its new tenant (who is a wonderful soul; we are grateful to have found someone who will cherish living there):