30 April 2011

April Memories

Happy Willow. Happy Dinosaurs.


Unhappy Dinosaurs.


Tai Chi.


Livin' the dream :)

Tomboys and tutus.
Seriously. These single socks emerged from one load
of laundry ... where are their mates?
I am so thrilled that Trader Joe's is only
30 minutes away (compared with 2.5 hours
when living at our former location).

Lovely. Exquisite. Precious.


The Straight's said...

Love seeing your littles in match matchy clothes. Too cute!!

mnfamily said...

Great photos of your girls! I had to laugh about the socks. We have a small cloth bag hanging by the washer where all those lonely socks go. Socks will turn up out of the blue 2+ years later. Who knows where they go in the interim... Fun to see new photos!

the meaklims said...

My goodness, your girls are SO SO precious and beautiful! My girl likes dinasaurs too! :)